Welcome to Croía Ireland, your one stop shop for buying Irish online.

Welcome to Croía Ireland, your one stop shop for buying Irish online.

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During lockdown, Rosy Bale turned her passion for essential oils into her full-time job. Made with positive energy, love, and crystals, Rosy offers high quality essential oil blends  made with the best ingredients.



Rosy Bale has always understood the power of scent and aroma. She has a background in holistic therapy and worked around the world for over ten years in luxury fragrance houses.


When her father became terminally ill, Rosy moved back to Ireland after living in Melbourne. She went through a heart-breaking two years with her family. During this time, Rosy began to fully understand the power of aroma to heal and restore energy. She found the strength to get up and keep going by using essential oil blends to help her sleep and get through the difficult days. This is when Rosy decided to learn more and fully understand the power of essential oils.




The story behind Rosy B Blends is truly special. What started as a way for Rosy to heal from the loss of her father became a passion that she shared with family and friends by making her own blends and sharing them as gifts. Eventually, friends of friends wanted to experience the power of essential oil blends and Rosy found her passion.


During the first lockdown last year, Rosy saw how many of us struggled. She understood how difficult it can be to get through a hard day and decided to put all of her energy into making Rosy B Blends her full-time job to help others in their own journeys. She wanted to make our days a little easier through essential oils and their therapeutic power, and so Rosy B Blends was born.

Rosy’s essential oil blends are made in Ireland and infused with love to bring calmness, healing, and relaxation into our busy schedules.

With each bottle, Rosy has carefully selected each ingredient. She has chosen the best oils to promote positive energy and love.

Her products are available in Self Love, Uplift, and Calm blends. All of these blends are unique and designed by Rosy to help others to soothe, unwind, and release our inner goddesses. Rosy can also create a bespoke blend just for you and what you need.

The essential oil blends are available in Face Mask Sprays, Roller Oils, Room Sprays, Diffuser Drops, Bath and Body Oils, and Massage Oils so that you can create a safe space and spread positive energy. There is only one rule when it comes to using Rosy B Blends: breathe in the love.


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