Welcome to Croía Ireland, your one stop shop for buying Irish online.

Welcome to Croía Ireland, your one stop shop for buying Irish online.

Rose and Rhubarb Kombucha (12 bottles)

We created this flavour with health benefits in mind.

Rose itself has been known to aid digestion, reduces menstrual cramps, high vitamin C content which can help fight infection, immune system booster and has a calming effect.

Rhubarb also has health benefits -it is rich in anthraquinone which are great aids to digestion , it can prevent osteoporosis, may stave off brain disorders, relieves constipation and diarrhoea, lowers inflammation and fights free radical damage.

These potential health benefits combined with the already existing health benefits of kombucha, produce an optimal health drink, like no other.

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Rose and Rhubarb Kombucha. Refreshing and delicious, this is a one of a kind kombucha. Brewed with summery hibiscus tea from Wall & Keogh and infused with pink rose petals and fresh rhubarb grown with care- this is a drink you won’t forget.

12 x 330ml bottles

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