Welcome to Croía Ireland, your one stop shop for buying Irish online.

Welcome to Croía Ireland, your one stop shop for buying Irish online.

Luxury Calm Box

The gift of Calm

This is the ultimate luxury pamper pack perfect for a quiet moment of self care or as the kindest gift. Quiet the storm outside and zen out with the Luxury calm boc

This Luxury box of Calm contains everything you will need to calm your mind, body and soul with our most popular products-

Calm Zen Pillow Mist for a peaceful dreamy sleep.

Calm Roller Oil for keeping zen on the go.

Calm Body Oil & Bath Drops to relax and nourish her body after a long day.

Lavender & Rose infused Epsom salt bath soak. (or relaxing foot soak)

Rose Scented 8 hour burn Tea-light candle

*All items beautifully wrapped inside and you can add a personalised note. 

€60 including Shipping.


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The Aroma

Calm’s aroma: Floral, Soft, Warm

This blend was created to soothe the soul, it will take you gently into a place of peace and relaxation where you can escape from the busy world around you. This gentle blend is infused with Lavender to nurture and care, Bergamot to ease any tense emotions and Copaiba to calm and support the nervous system. Use Calm’s floral, aromatic aroma to reduce feelings of tension during the day, or as part of your unwind ritual in the evening time.

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