Marketing Consultation

exclusive marketing consultation

We are now offering marketing consultations with our founder Ciara Hennebry. Ciara has extensive experience running her own successful businesses since the age of 16. She has worked as a marketing manager for a wide range of national and international charities alike. Ciara is a marketing expert with a passion for helping small businesses.

Croía was established to boost the Irish economy and Ciara is now ready to help you grow your business through this premium consultation service.

Ciara Founder of Croia Ireland

hear what our suppliers have to say

  • In this video Rosy Bale, founder of Rosy B Blends and the first Croía supplier to use our exclusive business package, shares her thoughts with us.
  • Rosy talks about how her consultation has helped her to gain followers and increase sales for her brand. 
  • Rosy loved the 1:1 marketing consultation where we developed a tailored strategy and plan of action for Rosy B Blends.
  • Rosy highly recommends this business package to other small Irish businesses.

What's Included?

  • You will complete a questionnaire designed to understand what your business needs.
  • Ciara will identify your target market and make an exclusive plan of action to grow your business.
  • In a 1:1 call, Ciara will discuss strategy and complete a social media audit so that you can achieve your goals.