Welcome to Croía Ireland, your one stop shop for buying Irish online.

Welcome to Croía Ireland, your one stop shop for buying Irish online.

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At Swallow Studios in the hills of County Monaghan you can find textile designer Liz Christy weaving luxurious scarves by hand.

 Liz Christy designs Irish scarves that are as unique and colourful as the beautiful artwork she draws inspiration from .

Model wearing Liz Christy Handwoven Scarf in Scenic Garden

The Liz Christy Story

Aesthetic photo of handwoven blue scarf draped for display

Liz Christy is a talented textile designer. Each and every luxurious scarf is hand-woven on a manual loom. Liz cares about her customers and offers an authentic Irish experience with each hand-made scarf. 

Before lockdown, she welcomed visitors to see her and the team at work at Swallow Studios to experience real Irish humour and enjoy the beautiful colours and landscape of Monaghan. The Liz Christy experience is truly Irish, and Liz strives to extend an equally warm welcome to Irish customers online.

Inspired by artists like the great Claude Monet and one of Monaghan’s own, Patrick Kavanagh, Liz makes wearable art.


 Her scarves are carefully woven to tell a story, as Liz likes to say “the threads pass through our hands many times during the process from start to finish”. 



Liz has a range of beautiful high-quality scarves available on Croía and we are delighted to share her story with you. 


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