Welcome to Croía Ireland, your one stop shop for buying Irish online.

Welcome to Croía Ireland, your one stop shop for buying Irish online.

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gran gran foods

This is a family business offering premium quality condiments for your kitchen. Ran by Nigel and Magaly in County Galway, Gran Gran Foods is committed to providing the Taste of Home through their recipes.

THE gran gran foods STORY


Nigel, from Galway, and Magaly, originally from Peru, are the proud creators behind this business. They are both experienced in the culinary industry and met each other on their travels in Italy. 

After spending some years in Peru, they decided to move back to Ireland with their three kids, and Gran Gran Foods was established in 2014. While Magaly takes care of the business side of things, Nigel is the chef behind the recipes. The handcrafted condiments have the traditional Irish flavours that we all know and love, with a unique twist inspired by Peruvian flavours . These sauces are innovative, but there is always a taste of home with Gran Gran Foods.


If you’re looking for authentic Irish sauces, Nigel and Magaly use their own homegrown vegetables in Galway, and all products are handmade and packed in their kitchen in Kilchreest. The seasonal ingredients are sourced from local producers to ensure the best quality. These are sauces that are truly made with love.


Gran Gran Foods products range from pantry essentials to unique flavours and tasty combinations that you may have never thought of before. Nigel and Magaly also offer a gluten and additive free range. These are premium sauces made of locally sourced ingredients, without all the bad stuff, so you can enjoy the flavours guilt-free. 


Nigel and Magaly pride themselves on the quality of their products, which is why these condiments taste as good as they look. Nigel and Magaly offer sweet and savoury additions to your own pantry, or you can treat someone you love with deluxe gift boxes filled with innovative twists on Irish flavours. 


Gran Gran Foods is an authentic Irish culinary brand, and we are delighted to share their story on Croía. 


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