Welcome to Croía Ireland, your one stop shop for buying Irish online.

Welcome to Croía Ireland, your one stop shop for buying Irish online.

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bex shelford

Bex is the creative artist and illustrator behind the prints and cards you can find at the Bex Shelford store. Bex is based in Dublin by the sea and expresses her imagination through her artworks. This combined with her appealing illustrative style result in a selection of modern and bright pieces, often with a quirky edge of Irish humour.

photo of Irish artist and illustrator Bex Shelford

THE bex shelford sTORY


Bex is continually inspired by the natural world of birds and animals, as well as the landscape and monuments of Ireland, and her unique and alternative view of the world can be seen in her designs.


Her artworks often originate from sketches made in the surrounding landscape near her home in South County Dublin. Her range of Irish birds, including the infrequently spotted penguin, can be observed around the coastline and countryside of Ireland. Her collection of rabbit prints tell stories of what the Irish rabbits get up to while we sleep, as they casually climb the Spire in Dublin City Centre and helter skelter around Glendalough.



These are not straightforward animal prints like you’ve seen them before, as her unique imagination makes you reimagine familiar places in a surreal and quirky way.



In Bex Shelford’s new selection of cards the rabbits revel in the sea swimming trend sweeping the country as they join in the sea buzz with the occasional ‘bunnyflop’.  We are delighted to tell Bex’s story and share her work here at Croía. 


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