About Us

Croía Ireland was born out of a passion and desire to support Irish and to support local. We are an online store promoting all things Irish. Here at Croía, we want to create a tight-knit community of both buyers and sellers, providing a creative and authentic space for everyone. This is a community for small Irish businesses, makers, designers and creatives to showcase their talents and we have one goal in mind – to give back.


Our vision for Croía Ireland is to be the go-to online store for high-quality, Irish products that are practical, fashionable, and made with love.

“Small businesses are the heartbeat of your neighbourhood, the spine of your local economy and the spirit of your town”


Our mission is to bring together and celebrate the best of Irish businesses – big and small. Croía Ireland is more than just an online marketplace. We want to connect our audience with premium Irish products while creating genuine relationships between our suppliers and consumers.


Croía Ireland provides quality, high-end products to environmentally conscious spenders, that are sourced nationally from the small and large business owners of our ingenious Emerald Isle.

“By supporting local businesses, you are supporting a dream”


At Croía, we want to be the heart of the community, where all backgrounds feel welcomed and supported. In the words of our founder – Ciara Hennebry – “We want to promote longevity and durability in online purchases, a piece from Croía is something to have in your heart always.”


We look forward to seeing what the future holds for our community and hope you will join us on this exciting new journey.


From our heart to yours,

Croía Ireland